Professional Learning


SpringBoard offers an extensive menu of professional learning experiences that are aimed at helping educators use this comprehensive instructional program most effectively.

  • Our menu includes offerings for three audiences: teachers, administrators, and instructional coaches.
  • We offer workshops, institutes, and coaching for SpringBoard users at every level of experience.
  • We work with districts to design and implement a program of professional learning that meets the needs of each school and evolves as those needs change.
  • SpringBoard professional learning is a true partnership — our coaches and trainers are on-site in classrooms regularly. We provide real-time implementation feedback. And feedback goes both ways — we gather your ideas, best practices, suggestions, and experiences and use them to shape and refine the program.
“Thinking back to my first experience — and again as a middle school teacher — it built my content knowledge and I became incredibly confident about what I was doing in teaching rigor and what that looked like at my level.”
Julie Manley, Washington

The System

SpringBoard professional learning is on ongoing, multiyear experience.

Our system of professional learning builds foundations with offerings that get new implementations up and running; builds expertise with offerings that help experienced teachers develop specific skills and knowledge, and ultimately builds internal capacity within a district with offerings that focus on ensuring sustainable success.

Examples of Offerings by Tier and Audience

Tier Example: Teachers Example: Instructional Coaches Example: Administrators
Building the Foundation
Workshops and institutes get teachers, coaches, and administrators up and running.
Initial Teacher Institute
New SpringBoard teachers learn how to effectively use the print and digital components of the program.
Instructional Coaches Training
Instructional leaders get guidance and training to further their work delivering professional learning to teachers.
Initial Administrator Workshop
Administrators and district leaders learn how to monitor implementation and strengthen teaching and learning.
Building Expertise 
In-depth programs cover SpringBoard’s instructional approaches, standards alignments, assessments, and more.
Content Seminar
Teachers make an intensive study of a single ELA or Math course or a middle school or high school grade band.
Advanced Instructional Coaches Training
Instructional leaders deepen their understanding of how to use SpringBoard instructional resources effectively in their work with teachers.
Principals Leadership Academy
Principals learn how to create a schoolwide vision for rigor that supports standards and a successful SpringBoard implementation.
Building Capacity
Workshops and custom offerings focus on program growth and expansion and tap your team’s leadership potential.
District Train-the-Trainer
Experienced, exceptional SpringBoard teachers and instructional coaches learn to deliver a SpringBoard Initial Institute.
Side-by-Side Cognitive Coaching 
Instructional leaders learn coaching techniques by accompanying SpringBoard experts to classrooms to observe and guide teachers.
Learning Walks 
Instructional leaders and administrators review a schoolwide or districtwide SpringBoard implementation to determine progress and develop recommendations for improvement.
“It’s really neat to watch how teachers grow within a week or within the three days that we offer training, but then [also] as the years progress. That it’s not just a one-shot deal, that this is really a growth process that can help teachers to grow over a period of time.”
Susie Lowry, Florida

Active Learning

A photo taken at a SpringBoard professional learning event shows two women seated side by side at a table smiling and talking as they look at a workbook together.
SpringBoard institutes, seminars, and workshops are led by SpringBoard master teachers who share their expertise and firsthand experiences.

The professional learning experiences are highly interactive and focused on practice: Leaders model instruction, and participants work together and use role-playing to explore ways of applying SpringBoard’s instructional design in their own classrooms.

Topics include:

  • Scoring student work
  • Engaging students in higher order thinking and analysis
  • Making the most of SpringBoard Digital
  • Vertical articulation
  • Alignment to AP and standards
  • Differentiating instruction
“SpringBoard was the most important single professional development experience I ever had because it’s real, it’s hands-on. You’re engaging with colleagues, you’re building a shared knowledge.”
Paul DeMaret, Colorado

Online Community

SpringBoard Community, the official online meeting place for SpringBoard educators, can be considered a parallel resource to our professional learning. It’s a digital space where you can connect with peers and mentors for support and collaboration. Visit the community to:

  • Share best practices, ideas, and tips
  • Get feedback from experienced SpringBoard teachers
  • See recommendations and reviews of resources
  • Find resources and documents created by your peers — or upload your own
  • Watch video modules to support professional learning
“One of the most powerful aspects of a SpringBoard training is that the people who are facilitating the training are SpringBoard teachers who know what it is like to teach SpringBoard every day to students.”
Ellen Greig, SpringBoard

E-Learning Modules

A screenshot shows an image from a SpringBoard e-Learning Module titled SpringBoard users can access free e-Learning modules online that complement our in-person professional learning offerings. Just log in to SpringBoard Digital, open the Professional Development tab, click the globe icon, then click What’s New to see a selection of self-paced, interactive learning modules on topics in SpringBoard ELA or Math.


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