Professional Development & Coaching


SpringBoard’s multifaceted approach to professional development and coaching includes face-to-face and online workshops that give educators the tools they need to use the program effectively, helping all students meet rigorous standards.

Find additional details in the SpringBoard Professional Development and Coaching Catalog (.pdf/381KB) or view the Texas edition (.pdf/379KB).

Year One

These workshops help lay the groundwork for successful implementation:

  • Initial Institute introduces the key components of SpringBoard (three days).
  • Quick Start for New Teachers supports teachers hired midyear with condensed training (two days).
  • Initial Administrator Workshop introduces coordinators, leaders, and administrators to SpringBoard’s tools and supports (three hours).
  • Curriculum Mapping with Instructional Leaders assists with pacing and planning as well as the alignment of district requirements to SpringBoard units (two days per subject).

Year Two

SpringBoard also offers professional development for educators with a year under their belt:

  • Advanced Teacher Workshop extends teachers’ understanding of SpringBoard (two days per subject).
  • Advanced Administrator Workshop deepens understanding and builds school-level capacity to support and monitor the SpringBoard program (four hours).
  • Scoring Student Work shows teachers how to structure and conduct district- or school-based scoring sessions using SpringBoard’s performance-based assessments and scoring guides (two days per subject).
  • SpringBoard Writing Institute focuses on the management of SpringBoard Writing Workshops, enabling teachers to deliver instruction in line with CCSS and monitor learning effectively (two days).

Year Three

District Train the Trainer builds capacity for district-endorsed trainers to provide professional development within the district (four days per subject).

One-Day Focus Seminars

Examine specific topics and related SpringBoard instructional resources in these seminars:

  • Differentiating Instruction addresses the learning needs of English language learners, special education students, and gifted and talented students.
  • Grade/Subject Level Seminars are intensive examinations of the content, skills, pedagogy, and assessments of the instructional units within a SpringBoard level.
  • Creating a Collaborative Classroom presents processes for setting up and managing small groups, and techniques for holding students accountable for small-group learning.
  • SpringBoard Math Strategies focuses on the role of learning strategies that promote higher-order thinking skills and student engagement in a SpringBoard classroom.
  • SpringBoard Writing Workshop examines the vertically-articulated, skill-based direct writing instruction that prepares students for the performance expectations of the state or CCSS.
  • Cross-Curriculum Strategies emphasizes reading, writing, collaborative, and oral literacy strategies in core subjects in order to meet the literacy expectations outlined in CCSS.
  • Reading Strategies equips teachers to infuse SpringBoard’s research-based strategies into their reading classrooms and to provide targeted instruction for students in need of support.

Instructional Leadership and Coaching

These services support educators with leadership training, classroom observation, and review:

  • Principal’s Leadership Academy shows school leaders how to support teachers and use SpringBoard as a model instructional framework (two days).
  • Progress Monitoring supports implementation through classroom walkthroughs, progress review, and determination of next steps (one-day visit of up to five schools).
  • Cognitive Coaching for Teachers provides mentorship to classroom teachers through observation and debriefing (one day per subject).
  • Instructional Coaches Training provides district coaches with professional development resources for supporting classroom teachers (two days per subject).
  • Advanced Curriculum Mapping guides instructional leaders as they make strategic adjustments that strengthen the alignment between district needs and requirements, state or Common Core State Standards, and SpringBoard (two days).