Professional Development


SpringBoard offers an extensive menu of in-person and online professional learning opportunities. Designed and led by experienced SpringBoard practitioners who draw on years of teaching and coaching, our professional development is:

  • Infused with instructional best practices.
  • Delivered throughout the school year.
  • Revised yearly to stay on the cutting edge of pedagogy and technology.
  • Focused on reflection and metacognition.

SpringBoard professional development and coaching includes opportunities for educators at every level:


SpringBoard coaches collaborate with district leaders in partnerships that grow stronger every year. They work together to design and implement a program of professional development that meets the needs of each school and evolves as those needs change. SpringBoard partnerships often include Learning Walks, expert classroom observations that form the basis of detailed plans of action.

Active Learning

When educators attend SpringBoard institutes, seminars, and workshops, they don’t just listen to presentations and take notes on pedagogical theory. They engage in a rich, dynamic experience focused on practice. Master teachers model instruction and participants work together and use role play to explore ways of applying SpringBoard’s instructional design in their own classrooms.
Topics include:

  • Scoring student work
  • Engaging students in higher order thinking and analysis
  • Making the most of SpringBoard Digital
  • Vertical articulation
  • Alignment to AP and standards
  • Differentiating instruction

Multiyear Engagement

The SpringBoard partnership extends well beyond the first year of implementation. Our catalog includes ongoing professional learning opportunities for educators at every level:

  • Building the Foundation: Workshops and institutes get teachers and administrators up and running with SpringBoard methodologies, content, and implementation models.
  • Building Expertise: In-depth advanced programs cover SpringBoard’s instructional approaches, standards alignments, assessments, and differentiation options.
  • Building Capacity: Workshops and custom programs focus on expansion and develop your team’s leadership potential.

A Robust Online Community

SpringBoard’s online community provides a space for peer connection, support, collaboration, and sharing, enriched with videos and instructional resources that allow participants to:

  • Collaborate with peers from across the country
  • Connect with SpringBoard mentors for valuable insight and feedback
  • Share best practices for implementing SpringBoard activities

Inside the SpringBoard Community pages, teachers and school leaders will also find:

  • Popular documents created for teachers by teachers
  • Video modules to support professional development
  • Additional instructional resources