English Language Arts

CCSS Publisher’s Criteria

Accelerate the full implementation of the Common Core State Standards with SpringBoard. Thematic units integrating all four strands of CCSS emphasize the strong connection between reading and writing while providing grammar and vocabulary instruction in context. The result is a balanced and vertically aligned system of literacy development that engages students and prepares them for success in meeting the CCSS standards. For more detail, view the SpringBoard ELA Common Core Alignment (.pdf/955KB).

Delivering the Rigor of the Common Core

Strand Common Core State Standards SpringBoard Program
SpringBoard prepares students for the rigorous textual analysis expected in AP and other college-level courses.
  • Literary and Informational Texts
  • Key Ideas and Details
  • Craft and Structure
  • Integration of Knowledge and Ideas
  • Range and Level of Text Complexity
  • Challenging and engaging literary and informational texts
  • Explicit instruction in close reading and annotating text
  • Text-based interpretive questions
  • Research-based reading strategies to empower students
  • Scaffolded instruction to move students toward independence
Strategies are embedded within the instructional activities to encourage best practices and sustain independent learning.
  • Text Types and Purposes (argumentative, informative/explanatory, narrative)
  • Production and Distribution of Writing
  • Research to Build and Present Knowledge
  • Range of Writing
  • Guided instruction for writing arguments, informative texts, and narratives
  • Mode-specific Writing Workshops, Embedded Assessments, prompts, and Scoring Guides
  • Emphasis on Purpose and Audience
  • Formal and Informal Writing Tasks
  • Multiple opportunities for student research
Speaking and Listening
SpringBoard develops student skills with focused discussions in Socratic Seminars and Literature Circles.
  • Comprehension and Collaboration
  • Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas
  • Student-focused, collaborative classroom
  • Variety of nonprint texts including films
  • Student presentations, speeches, and performances
  • Specific strategies for collaboration and oral communication
SpringBoard covers the essential rules while helping students consider how grammar, convention, vocabulary, and style choices contribute to craft.
  • Conventions of Standard English
  • Knowledge of Language
  • Vocabulary Acquisition and Use
  • Grammar support and instruction in context
  • Emphasis on style analysis
  • Awareness of language for specific contexts
  • Direct and integrated approach to vocabulary